May 18 2020

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Pre owned cars


AAB launched the Trade-In Section, now known as Pre-Owned Vehicles (POV), in the year 1995 to provide high quality Trade-In services for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Our goal is to build and maintain trust with our customers. Customers must know that when they come to AAB POV, they will get great deals and personalized service on the spot as quickly as possible. The success of our business is ensured by maintaining good vehicle conditions. For this reason, we have a dedicated Pre-Owned Vehicles Garage to perform all kinds of repair. We are working hard to manage the business unit as per AAB standards and CPOV Programs and always aims to provide the best service and quality cars to our customers.

In order for us to serve you better and give you consideration and flexibility especially when it comes to payment options. We made our payment facilities easy wherein you don’t need to pay instant cash on your desired model. In-House financing is a simple way of paying for your car in installments. All you need to do is to pay a 20 percent down-payment on your desired vehicle by cash, by bank or other finance provider that you required. The rest of the car’s value will be paid through an agreed number of monthly payments with 7 percent interest yearly. For further inquiry and guidance, please contact our Sales specialist.

Trade-In procedures and guidelines are flexible and easy to follow. We will give a fair and accurate valuation of your car as per AAB Standards and it will be done by our professional inspector. On the same day we will give to you the value of your vehicle so that you will know how much you can get. Then, you can choose on variety of available used or brand-new vehicles on our stock with their corresponding value which will give you an idea how much extra payment you will spend to get your desired replacement vehicle. Test Drive is available on any vehicle that you choose. All trade-in value are decided based on market considerations. Trade-In Facility is applicable only for Toyota Models. For further inquiry and guidance, please contact our Trade-In specialist.

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In pursuit of the common goal to provide outstanding customer experience, our POV team consists of highly motivated professionals who can assist you in choosing the best Pre-Owned vehicle to suit your needs. – Customer satisfaction is our priority – Committed to reasonable quality of vehicles – Toyota used vehicles are available at reasonable prices There is more than one reason to make us your First Choice when it comes to pre-owned units.

Pre owned cars

Pre owned cars

Pre owned cars

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