May 16 2020

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Firestone auto care

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Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: Ideas to Keep You Rolling.

Small Car Repairs That Could Save You Big Money

Keep big problems at bay with repairs that pay for themselves. Read More

Alex Talks A/C

Having A/C problems? Don’t sweat. Firestone Complete Auto Care can help you keep your cool. Read More

Your Car Won’t Start & You Hear a Clicking Noise

Click-click-click. Is your car speaking morse code? It might be! Troubleshoot a clicking engine! Read More

What to Do (& Not Do) When Your Car Overheats

If your car’s engine overheats, knowing what to do (and not to do) might save you from costly repairs. Read More

What’s Included in a Complete Vehicle Inspection?

Complete Vehicle Inspections…because an apple a day won’t keep car problems away! Read More

Feeling Sweaty? How to Make Your Car A/C Colder

Friends don’t let friends sweat and drive. Friends share these top tips for keeping the car A/C cool. Read More

Essential Car Maintenance Before a Long Road Trip

Road trips mean more wear and tear on your car than usual. Let’s make sure your ride is up for the challenge. Read More

Follow Your Nose! 6 Car Smells You Should Sniff Out

There are some car problems air freshener can’t fix. Read More

Is Your Car A/C Leaking Water?

Puddles inside your car? Weird. In the middle of summer? Scary. Fear not! Firestone Complete Auto Care is leaking the answer to your odd car question. Read More

Car Won’t Start? 5 Signs of a Bad Starter

Is your car’s “vroom” on mute? Find out if your starter is to blame for a car that’s just not powering on. Read More

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Firestone auto care

Firestone auto care

Firestone auto care

See how easy maintaining your car can be with this helpful information from Firestone Complete Auto Care, your source for ideas to keep you rolling.
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