Mar 25 2020

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Auto compass

Auto Drive Lighted Compass, Black

About This Item

Auto Drive Lighted Compass, Black:

  • This Lighted Compass is easy to read
  • Great for your car


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Car Compass

It tells me what direction I am traveling down the street. I know left from right. I do not know North from South.

inexpensive but, works good

low price, works good, took 2 days to figure out how to turn on the light though.


This compass did not come with an item that resembles a screw driver and in the instructions it tells you to adjust the compass only with this item and not with a regular screwdriver because of the metal or whatever. Also on the package it mentions a battery but in the instructions they say there is no battery, I do not see a place for a battery. I cannot find this company online only Walmart so I will likely return it.

You really get your money’s worth & some.

I. Will say that it’s a great buy for the price, don’t loose the instructions or the tool, I wish somebody would have told me this. Buy true north & magnetic north are not the same, so go online and learn the difference, you will see its not broken, the battery is for the light, not the compass, it’s the size of a watch battery, Hope this helps some people out.

Not impressed

It’s only $10, but the reaction time is very slow, making it almost worthless for driving unless you pull over and wait. Has suction cups and an adhesive pad. Not used yet, because this might be going back.

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Auto compass

Auto compass

Auto compass

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