Mar 24 2020

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Auto rims

Auto rims

We provide an alternative Credit Solutions to online shoppers who are underserved by traditional credit providers. Our partners offer real time credit decisioning with state-of-the-art underwriting platform with decisions made based on your income not your credit.

* Buy Now Pay Later!

* Out of state Ok! We ship.

* Instant approval within 60 Seconds.

* 12 month term with optional 3 month same as cash.

* Simple file out the application and call us with the approval number to place your order and the wheels or tires will be shipped to your door.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. We always hear the expression “Dress to impress”! Why not dress your vehicle with the best looking wheels. The point is that one’s choice of style is arguably the most important component of a first impression. Often people get compliments on what they wear and even more so when they have a nice set of aftermarket custom wheels on their vehicle. We often see valet parking attendants park cars that have the best looking wheels in front of their front doors to show style and evoke a better sense of style to their venue. For this reason offers the largest selections of wheels in the industry and will help you choose the best suited aftermarket wheels for your taste and vehicle. Often when we hear the term cheap wheels and tires or cheap rims and tires we think that it must be bad quality. Wheel and Tire Superstoers we sells the best brand wheel and tire names in the industry for the best prices online. Our easy No Credit Needed Options offer 12 mont terms with low payments or an optional 3 month same as cash early buyout option.

Corvette Z06 with ADV.1 Wheels
This hot and new Corvette Z06 is sitting on a set of Matte Black ADV10 track. read more
Dubai’s police drive in style!
If you want to be a cop, we recommend moving to dubai and joining the police. read more
Chris Brown & Tyga “Ayo” Music Video with Savini wheels
Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Ayo” music video is no short of being described as Luxurious. Besides. read more

INDUSTRY TRENDSETTERS: It is good to identify who the top five trendsetters in the aftermarket wheel industry are before you make your purchase, and for that we prepared a list that will help you in that regard. Keep in mind this list is NOT RANKED and mentions brands that contain additional multiple sister wheel brands under one umbrella. As we all cannot imagine the industry without LEXAN I WHEELS and FORGIATO WHEELS ,we cannot imagine it without GIOVANNA WHEELS and ASANTI Wheels In fact it is even harder to imagine it without MHT WHEELS. These wheel companies helped shape what we see around us today in the aftermarket world. They all share a common goal! Come out with something new every year. When Giovanna added 20″ sizes to their line up in 1998, every one said WOOOW “Awesome”. Sema 2013 Asanti blew everyones mind by introducing 34″ wheels and tires. Who knows what is coming this year. People are anxious to see what surprises are in store for us!

Important policy note:

Please note it is Wheel and Tire Superstores policy to require signature at time of delivery on all packages with no exceptions. Pick ups from shipping hubs are not permitted. Also address changes are not permitted and packages will only be delivered to the billing address on the card. Customers that choose PayPal payments are permitted to send to alternative addresses as long as the address is confirmed by PayPal. Customers that choose instant credit options as payments can only ship to the address they provided in their applications. If a customer placed an order over the phone on his or her credit card then the card holder must be present and have the card physically in hand with a valid driver license to pick up the product.

Please note due to the complexity and the variety of the products we carry and also due to the fast moving inventory we do not have a live inventory online, all online orders will be Pre-Authroized and pending capture. We will only capture the charge when the product becomes available to ship and in case the product is out of stock from the manufacture our sales team will try to order the product from multiple different resources and if the product is not available then the order will be voided.

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All information on this site is subject to change without notice
Wheel and Tire Superstores will not sell the product at the wrong price if there is a price error on the site.
Instead, as a result prices will be adjusted and customers will have the choice to continue with the changed price or cancel the order.


Auto rims

Auto rims

Auto rims

Whether you plan to improve your vehicle’s performance or simply want to add some flare to its style, we store a comprehensive collection of accessories and parts designed specifically for your vehicle.
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