Mar 23 2020

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Auto stereo

Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

We Know Factory Car Stereo Repair. Bose Car Audio Repair Including Bose Amplifiers and Bose Stereos.
Factory Car Stereo Repair
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Factory Car Stereo Repair Warranties

  • Lifetime warranty on single channel Bose amplifiers
  • One year warranty on multi channel Bose Amplifiers
  • One year warranty on ALL factory car stereos and radios

    All car stereo, Bose amplifier and Bose car stereo repair quotes include parts, and preventative maintenance to include repair of all known common problems!
    Car Stereo Repair
    Car Stereo Removal

    “Why Repair” Top 10 10. Our warranty is equal to or greater than other repair facilities. 9. Factory equipment looks better and maintains the dash contours and colors. 8. Easy to operate, factory car stereos have larger buttons for easy access.

    SEE Shipping Form before sending.

    7. Steering wheel controls and speed sensors that increase volume are maintained. 6. Repair saves money over dealership costs for replacement. 5. There are additional costs for aftermarket installation, labor, kits, wire harnesses and antenna adaptors.

    Last updated February 19, 2019

    Auto stereo

    Auto stereo

    Auto stereo

    Factory Car Stereo Repair and Removal
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