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Bank Repos In Alabama, repossessed cars for sale.

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Repossessed Cars

Bank Repos in Alabama

Credit Unions are one of the best places to search if you are looking for repossessed cars in Alabama or bank repos in Alabama. As well as public auto auctions held by federal government and police departments, these can prove quite fruitful if you are prepared to hunt around for a while.

Repossessed cars for sale

Bank Repos In Alabama

Of course, people have always had cars and property repossessed if they default on payments but the instances of this happening have been more and more frequent since the economy has slid into a dip over the past few years. There are literally hundreds of Credit Unions that you could try looking for bank repos in Alabama for repossessed vehicles and the turnover is frequent. There is a lot of leg-work involved to keep on top of all of the bank repos for sale I would suggest saving the better ones in your favorites and revisiting them regularly. Bank repos In Alabama are usually sold as seen and no warranty or guarantee is usually issued for the vehicle

If you can, make sure you visit the place where the vehicles are being kept in order to inspect them. This is usually allowed, but it is not so often allowed that you are actually allowed to test them out. Take somebody with you that has a good eye for mechanics and a deal. Research the cars and prices, mileage etc. using the NADA and Kelley Blue Book guides.

Remember that you are not the only one onto these vehicles, and to get a great deal on a car will usually mean having a winning bid accepted either at public auction or in a sealed bid. Of course, other dealers and members of the public are wise to these repo sales so it may take a few tries but you are likely to hit the jackpot if you persist. It s always a good idea to strike up a good relationship with the credit union staff who deal with the repossessed sales and foreclosures. You may be able to get placed on a mailing list in order to be kept up to date with the kinds of vehicles coming in and when they are likely to be put up for sale.

I have made a list below of some of the Credit Unions that sell off repossessed cars in Alabama. I hope this will get you started on your hunt. Keep looking around online for more, or if you don t have the time to pursue this, you could sign up to one of the small fee membership sites that provide databases full of up-to-date info on car auctions near you.

Where to find Bank Repos in Alabama

Try this site which has one of the best reputations online for getting up-to-date info on live public auctions and they give away a free 5 day auction guide.

Anyway Happy Hunting and remember Be Persistent! Check back soon for more updates!

Alabama Credit Union

220 Paul W Bryant Dr E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-2007 (205) 348-9967

2000 Dodge Dakota 5.9 R/T pickup, (Invitation to inspect and bid asking $5,200)

2008 Volvo XC90, approx 25,000 miles (Invitation to inspect and bid asking $35,500)

2007 Infiniti G-35 Coupe, approx. 28,000 miles (Invitation to inspect and bid asking $24,800)

2007 Chysler Sebring, approx. 37,000 miles (Invitation to inspect and bid asking $10,900)

2004 Mazda 3, approx 115,000 miles (invitation to inspect and bid asking $7,500)

Comala Credit Union‎

418 Madison Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104-3696

2003 Ford F150, approx. 134,229 miles (contact for inspection and to offer asking $12,000)

2004 Ford Expedition XLT, approx. 104,000 miles (contact for inspection and to offer asking $9,500)

Guardian Credit Union: Alabama National Guardian Credit Union‎

1789 Cong w L Dickinson Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109-2601

2009 Ford F-150 ($28,900) , 2004 Mini Cooper ($14,250), 2000 Mack Dump Truck ($23,500), 2002 Mazda Miata $9,500) , 2007 Ford F250 ($18,900), 2003 GMC C4500 ($17,000)

MAX Credit Union‎

400 Eastdale Circle, Montgomery, AL 36117

Currently Has: (Bids Welcomed)

2009 Nissa Altima

2009 Nissan Murano

2004 Toyota Camry x 2

2002 Lincoln LS

2008 Ford Explorer

Alabama State Employees Credit Union‎

825 Wilson Street, Wetumpka, AL 36092-2921

2007 Kawasaki Road/ Street VN1600D7F Vulcan Nomad with 12,728 miles The low retail $5,360 and Average Retail $7,050.

2001 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab with 147,955 miles The Rough Trade-In $6,325 Average Trade-In $7,325, Clean Trade-In $8,125, Clean Retail $10,750.

APCO Employees Credit Union‎

1608 7th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203-1987


Heritage South Federal Credit Union‎

901 Broadway Avenue, Sylacauga, AL 35150-2159

2006 Chevrolet Impala approx. 79,000 miles (asking $13,125)

2007 Honda Odyssey approx. 48,000 miles (asking $22,900)

Fort Mc Clellan Credit Union‎

1731 Noble Street, Anniston, AL 36201-3840

2006 Chrysler 300 (approx. 60,332 miles asking price $16,875)

2009 Jeep Wrangler (approx. 4,966 miles asking price $22,500)

2006 Chevy Cobalt L4 (approx. 87,831 miles asking price $7000)

Tuscaloosa Va Federal Credit Union‎

50 Mcfarland Blvd, Northport, AL 35476-3348

Currently Has: (Best offer Bids Accepted or Buy It Now Price)

2005 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER Mileage Approx. 185,000- Buy it Now Price $6,825

2007 FORD FUSION Mileage Approx. 42,000- Buy it Now Price $13,775

2002 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER Mileage Approx. 139,000- Buy it Now Price $6,900

2002 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER Mileage Approx. 165,101- Buy it Now Price $10,000

2005 BUICK RENDEZVOUZ Mileage Approx. 128,521- Buy it Now Price $11,000

2004 FORD EXPLORER SPORT TRAC Mileage Approx. 174,000- Buy it Now Price $10,500

2003 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR Mileage Approx. 158,000- Buy it Now Price $10,000

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