Feb 10 2020

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auto incentives

Auto incentives

Find New Auto Incentives – Save Thousands

Finding Auto Incentives, Rebates and Deals

Auto makers started offering car buyers auto incentives and low-rate financing years ago, and haven’t been able to stop due to competitive pressure. That’s good for buyers. It could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But nothing’s as easy as it looks.

Deals are often confusing. Cash back? 2.9% financing? Low-rate leasing? Do your homework before you go to the dealership, or you can expect to come away with your head spinning-and more expense than necessary. Keep in mind:

Decide on the vehicle you’re interested in. Then research what auto incentives are available. Don’t expect factory incentives on hot, new models or any vehicle in high demand.

Auto incentives or car rebates are direct payments from the auto maker to you, the customer. They do not come out of the dealer’s profit, and he is not entitled to any of your payment.

Auto Incentives are payments from the factory to the auto dealer, usually to push certain models. The dealer may use the incentive to reduce the price, or to increase his profit. So, it’s to the dealer’s advantage if you don’t even know auto incentives are in effect.

Nothing takes the place of haggling. Go in prepared to negotiate the best price possible before you tell the dealer you also want the auto incentives, low-rate financing, etc. Don’t let the dealer shift your focus to the auto rebate and away from getting the best price on the car.

Where to find the auto incentives: Go to the manufacturer’s web site and look for a link to Special Offers or similar phrases. With persistence, you’ll find them. Some car-oriented sites list current auto incentives and car rebates. displayed the most comprehensive listings of any site we tried.

2005 and New 2006 Auto Incentives are Offered by the following Manufacturers:

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