Jan 14 2020

NAPA AUTO PARTS, nappa auto parts.

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Nappa auto parts

In the 1920’s, America fell in love with the automobile. More and more vehicles began traveling the roads, creating a need for an auto parts distribution system that could keep pace with the demand to keep our automobiles running. In 1925, NAPA was founded to meet those needs. Since then, we’ve sped our way to become a powerhouse in the auto parts industry. Fueled by the popularity of the automobile, our name can now be seen on over 6,000 stores, 58 distribution centers, and 15,000 NAPA AutoCare facilities across the country, and we’re not stopping there.

Our 90 years of experience has made us an industry leader, but don’t let our age lead you to believe we can’t keep up with the changing times. We’re not your grandfather’s NAPA. As our vehicles become more advanced, we’ve adapted our business in ways that allow us to stay ahead of the curve. We’re constantly updating our inventory of over 400,000 parts, opening new stores, reaching out to customers in new ways, and most importantly, we’re hiring new talent to join our ranks.

It’s an exciting time to join our team and we need people like you to help us accelerate our business into the future. Our growth depends on the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees. At NAPA, we want to continue to expand our presence, but at the heart of our business we just love automobiles. That’s probably one of the reasons you’re visiting this page. You share our passion to help customers, both retail and wholesale, keep their vehicles running. At NAPA, you’ll be part a team that’s building on an 80-year legacy of NAPA KNOW HOW, backed by the best employees in the world.

A Proud Part of Genuine Parts Company

Genuine Parts Company was founded in 1928, with the goal of being the single “go-to” source for solving our customers’ most challenging and urgent problems. Almost a century later, we’ve grown to become a highly successful, diversified Fortune 250 company, and the worldwide leader in the distribution of automotive and industrial replacement parts, office products and electrical/electronic materials.

That’s great news for anyone looking for a dynamic, growth-oriented environment where your talents can have real impact. But for the best of the best, This is the Best Part — when you join NAPA as part of Genuine Parts Company, your opportunities to succeed are limited only by your vision, passion and willingness to contribute to our team. Click here to learn more about Careers with Genuine Parts Company

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