Jan 14 2020

Car Loans for New or Used Automobiles, TD Canada Trust, used car auto loans.

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Auto Loan

Used car auto loans

Borrow for the car you want,

within your budget

A TD Auto Loan is secured by your vehicle, that will provide

you with a lower interest rate than if it was unsecured.

Used car auto loans

Funds upfront

Get access to the specific amount you need to purchase the car you want within your budget, whether it’s new or used.

Used car auto loans

Interest rate options

Choose between a fixed or variable interest rate depending on what’s best for you.

The interest rate stays the same for the time period chosen.

The interest rate changes whenever TD Prime Rate changes.

Used car auto loans

Repayment schedule

We’ll help you create a repayment schedule with a term and amortization period that works for you.

Used car auto loans

Auto Loan Calculator

The right financing can help you find the right vehicle. See what you can afford.

Typical auto loan amount is between $20,000-$50,000

  • A TD Auto Loan is available for new and used vehicles (up to 5 years old)
  • Minimum TD Auto Loan amount is $7,500

What are my interest rate options?

Fixed Rate

This rate stays the same for the term chosen.

  • Ideal if you are looking for structured payments, and want to to know exactly when the loan will be paid off

Variable Rate

This rate changes whenever TD Prime Rate changes.

  • Ideal if you are not concerned with changing interest rates, and want to benefit from times when interest rates decrease
  • If interest rates decrease, more of your regular payment goes towards your principal, so you can pay off your loan faster
  • If interest rates increase, more of your regular payment goes towards interest, and your amortization period will increase. Your regular payment may have to be adjusted periodically

The amount borrowed or still owed – not including interest.

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