Jan 14 2020

Auto Dealer License – how to get your fast, auto dealers license.

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auto dealer license fast

Auto dealers license

Auto dealers license

Auto Dealer License Fast and Easy

So, you want to make money selling used cars You need an Auto Dealer License to sell cars for profit in this country if you want to legally sell more than 5 cars per year. So you go to your local DMV and inquire how to get an Auto Dealer License fast. These auto dealer license requirements are based on Federal mandates and guidelines (that s why they are all very similar all across the nation).They will say, okay, great. Fine. No problem.

The DMV clerk will tell you, you need to have a building this size, you need to have a building sign this large. You have to have business insurance. You have to have be bonded for this dollar figure. You have to have a car lot or some kind of physical location. You have to have a telephone landline,etc. etc. This is the basic requirements no matter what state you are in this country. So that is roughly $1100 per month in fixed costs ..and this is just for something basic. A basic office and 2 car storage set up (with utilities and insurance).

If you need an actual Used Car Auto Dealer License, we do have a Florida Dealer License Package for only $7999 (actual auto dealer license thru the state of Florida). But this is only for high rollers people who are at that level of the business.

A new car dealer that s all together different story. We are talking about a used car dealer on this website. But when you have your auto dealer license, you are running your dealership. You are running a used car dealership. High value cars. Whatever cars you want.

So you are on this website because you re thinking about getting your used car auto dealer license and you re not sure which way to pivot to get in. So you can go to DMV directly and they ll tell you.

Yeah, give us all these things and you pay a little $275 (whatever it is in your state). And they will give you a dealer plate. And they will authorize you to issue temporary tags. But that s an arduous process, that takes lot of time managing, more money (building/car lot, etc) followup, a lot of bureaucracy in layers which you have to go through to enter that route.

Auto dealers license

Access luxury vehicles at wholesale cost

Auto dealers license

Get high Quality Cars at wholesale Dealer Auctions

Most people enlist an aid of a broker to help them through that process of becoming a state certified DMV auto dealer licensee. So that takes a while. It could take you several months. Paperwork filling up, and of course the more costs !

And then there is our program, and similar programs like ours. where as you actually become a sponsored dealer under a dealer. Yes, we put you under a Licensed Dealer – a dealer who has already gone through that process of being certified by the state. The state says, okay, yes. Dealer so and so is now DMV certified. Here is your dealer number and your dealer license. And so what we do with our program is we put you under a dealer who is already certified by DMV, who already has the building and a signage etc. etc. And so thereby you are meeting those requirements of having that without actually having it. You are buying and selling as the Dealership (you can be in any state and you are a contracted agent of the Dealership or Dealer Representative).

Auto dealers license

Start your own auto dealership

It s similar to how in this country, a real estate broker is the sponsor of other real estate agents. Meaning if you re a real estate agent in any state in this country, if you want to transact a real estate transaction; you have to do this under the sponsorship or auspices or under the supervision of another real estate agent (which is the real estate broker). Real Estate brokers are given the title of Broker once they take a test by the state and mandate certain educational requirements and can prove certain financial stability.

Auto dealers license

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So it is a similar situation that is going on with our program, where you are a dealer under a dealer, you can use your name, your own LLC. You are a dealer under a dealer with full dealer privileges, allowing you the opportunity of buying and selling of cars legally (for profit) within this country.

The whole idea, the federal government says, is that you want to buy and sell cars for profit in this country, you had to be licensed (meaning supervised by a certified authority or an authority agency). That s the whole idea. The one point of accountability. And that s what we provide.

Auto dealers license

surround yourself in luxury

So hopefully you better understand the reason why you need an auto dealer license, and how you can get your own. You can go to DMV directly, or you can go with our kind of program, our program where you have access to nationwide dealer auctions. You can bid online, buy online. And if you go for the dealer plate program, then you are able to have your own dealer plate tag as well. So you can transport your cars from auction house to your home or office.

We provide you with that direct connection to licensed certified dealers, and we will get you access into the networks and the support you need.

The Dealer auto auction access has been increased to include all nationwide Adesa, Manheim , Copart and Iaai auto auctions.

Auto Dealer License and Auto Auction Access only is $1,349 (summer sale) plus $175 Title fee per vehicle payable directly by the Dealer. We have temporary (paper) transport tags (good for 30 days) for $65 each. This is the annual membership if you pay all up front. If you you are more interested in paying monthly go here.

Dealer (metal) Plate Programs will be $2,999 plus $175 Title fee per vehicle payable directly by the Dealer.

For all programs, you will have access to auto auctions within 1-2 business days after money is received. The Dealer plates take 4-6 weeks to arrive issued by Florida State DMV .and your sponsoring Dealer (located in Florida).

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Auto dealers license

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Auto dealers licenseAuto dealers licenseAuto dealers licenseAuto dealers license

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